28 Nov

Reasons Car Theft is on the Rise

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It’s not uncommon to hear that a car was stolen without a trace. Some car owners have lost their cars in mysterious ways never to be seen again while others are used in committing crimes. Some cars are more vulnerable to theft while others are not. There are various reasons cars get stolen. 


  • In Order to Commit Crimes


Some car thieves will steal a car in order to commit a crime. Using a stolen car will definitely mislead authorities investigating car theft. If the car is parked at the wrong place at the wrong time, a criminal will use it to get away. 


  • Parking in Secluded Areas


When you park your car in a secluded area, it’s at risk of being broken into or stolen. Car thieves will always check whether there are people around, there are security cameras and the chances of having someone pass by. To keep off thieves when you park your car, park it where you can see it, in front of the house or building or in the driveway. 

  • Stolen for Reselling


This is a common reason for car theft where a car is stolen and everything about it is changed. You would not recognize your car by just looking at it. They will change things such as the color, some parts such as tires and how it appears and even file off the serial numbers.  Most car owners will buy them unknowingly. 


  • No Advanced Security Systems 


Every time a new model is manufactured, it comes with advancements that include security ones. This makes them less vulnerable to theft. There are also cars that will have smart key systems giving thieves a nightmare to steal them. Another reason a car is likely to be stolen is it being an old model that is not advanced. 


  • Valuable Car Parts


This is one of the most common reasons that cars get stolen. What people look at is the value of certain car parts making the old models more vulnerable to theft. Sometimes an entire car can be broken down and parts sold while in other cases, thieves only target specific parts. 


Despite the age of your car or make, it can be stolen for various reasons. It is advisable that you take even the slightest security measure to safeguard your car. While some cars have been found after being stolen, others are lost without a trace.