17 Sep

Understanding Safety Technology in Volvo Cars

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Volvo is a car manufactures that have been enhancing car safety since the year 1959. Their first safety invention was 3-point safety belt system and today it seems the car giant is not stopping. It continues to come up with technology developments to boost safety on the roads. 

Volvo Intellisafe Technology

We all wish that one day, road deaths will be a thing of the past. No driver wants to kill someone or get killed as they drive. This is what Volvo is targeting to achieve by the year 2020. Even when an accident occurs, the driver is protected. Intellisafe technology comes with various features to help achieve this. 

Driver Alert Control and Rest Stop Guidance

These two features are quite impressive. Some of the road accidents happen when a driver loses consciousness. With the Driver Alert Control, the conscious levels of the driver are identified using infra-red and heartbeat sensors. If the driver feels drowsy, they should not continue driving but they may not be sure on the best spot to stop. The Rest Stop Guidance comes in handy as it uses a GPS system to guide you on where to stop safely. 

Blind Spot Information System

Blindspot accidents are quite common and Volvo knows it can be prevented. This is why they introduced the Blind Spot Information feature in their vehicles. The main purpose of BLIS is to inform the driver about the traffic around their vehicles. 

Cyclist Detection Technology

Every year, thousands of pedestrians are killed. Most of these accidents are preventable and this is why Volvo came up with the Cyclist Detection Technology. At times the driver may be forced to stop abruptly to avoid hitting a cyclist or pedestrian. The car does not only brake automatically, but it also sends lighting and acoustic warnings. 

The Bird’s Eye View

While parking in tight spaces, this becomes a challenge to many drivers as they want to ensure they do not hit anything. With the Bird’s Eye View feature that comes with 4 wide-angled cameras, this is no longer a challenge. A driver gets a 360-degree surround view.

Lane Keeping Aid

It’s common for drivers to make unintentional lane changes or position. This is dangerous but things are better with the Volvo Lane Keeping Aid. It will sense when you make such mistakes as it has a way of sensing markings and signs on the road. Ultimately helping you steer back to the right position.