23 Dec

Reasons to Consider Filing Your Tires with Nitrogen Gas

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Some car owners fill their tires with nitrogen gas, but most drivers can attest that they have never even thought about this. I was like this too until I was educated on Nitrogen gas, now I want to share that knowledge with you.

Although this is an inert gas, it’s still possible to have your tires filled with it. Why would you consider using nitrogen gas instead of the naturally compressed air? There are several reasons for this. 

It’s Safe

You are probably wondering why you should fill your car with flammable gas or gas that has undergone a chemical reaction. This is an inert gas which means it does not catch fire even when you have a car issue. It also reduces puncture risks, skidding on wet surfaces or explosions. 

Perfect for Any Driving Conditions

Depending on where you live, you experience different weather conditions. With nitrogen gas, there is less pressure for the tires to function and they run on all-weather conditions. Thus, you do not have to worry whether it is rainy, sunny or muddy.

Reduces Explosion Chances

Tires experience high temperatures when they run for long hours. This, in turn, increases explosion chances. Filling the tires with nitrogen gas reduces these chances of high temperatures and explosion since it is non-flammable and non-toxic. They remain cool on the inside which means you enjoy driving for longer hours without explosion risk.

Keeps Minimum Moisture

The gas keeps minimum moisture in the tires. The compressed air that is commonly used contains moisture, unlike nitrogen gas. For this reason, the latter reduces the amount of wheel corrosion that the tires are likely to experience. This is a huge risk and expensive.

Fewer Worries

With regular air, you must check your vehicle air pressure from time to time. Things are different when you use the non-flammable nitrogen gas. It is said to maintain pressure 4 times longer than compressed air. You only need to check the pressure at least four times a year. This is a huge plus. This has several advantages such as extending the tire’s life expectancy, saving you fuel, reduces chances of wear and tear, and enhancing safety on the road. 

There are many advantages to filling your car tires with nitrogen gas. It’s non-flammable, fewer worries as you do not need to regularly check air pressure maintains minimum moisture, reduces chances of explosions and can be used on all-weather conditions. It’s even better when you have a sports car.